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The Foundation seeks to build progressive self-reliant rural communities - adopting a holistic approach - by providing services in healthcare, environment, sanitation, primary education, adult literacy and skills development. Temples and school buildings and old peoples rehabilitation centers, CHC's, modifications, remodeling works. Foundation will take depend on donors efforts will conduct the work. The Foundation currently works in 1,00,000 villages in Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu, Karnataka & Orissa - positively transforming the lives of nearly 3 million people. We are doing every month conducted medical camps all specializations. MASS foundation accompany with around 2000 doctors all speculations.
To create a world-class platform for sustainable rural transformation
We have the specialisation in condut medical camps followed by
General physition, general surgen, cardio thorasic surgen, orthopedic surgen, neoro surgen, gainicoloyst, chest physion, cardioligist, gastro entroligit, nephroligist, niatinalgist, childrens specialists, nefrology, uroligist, biochemistrym, pythaligisit, endroconligist, dermotalogist, plastic surgens, dieghtions, canser specialists, opthomolygist etc..
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